Giving with The Gurleys, Inc.

Established 12.3.2016 to celebrate the nuptials of Adrianne and Dr. Marcus Gurley, Jr. Incorporated as a nonprofit on 3.9.2017.

Marcus and Adrianne utilized their wedding as a call to corporate giving by collecting toiletries, toys, and school supplies in lieu of traditional wedding gifts, so that their wedding would glorify the Lord through community service.

Marcus and Adrianne were able to give away hundreds of toys and clothing items to churches and outreach ministries in the inner city and metro areas of Atlanta where the couple wed.

Marcus and Adrianne decided to continue Giving with The Gurleys, Inc. as a nonprofit organization to promote giving within the community.

Marcus and Adrianne will continue to sponsor giving events in Atlanta and Tallahassee (FL). Adrianne is a native of Atlanta, GA; and Marcus is a native of Tallahassee, FL.

Donation Instructions: To donate, click the link below, to give more simply press the plus sign to increase your monetary contribution.

Giving with The Gurleys, Inc. Gifting Foundation

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